The schedule for the 2018 Dahlonega Literary Festival (to be held March 24-25, 2018) has not been determined.  Please check back January, 2018.


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    • Yes. Foxtale Book Shoppe is the official bookseller of the Dahlonega Literary Festival and they will be set up in the Community House. You can also peruse our Regional Writers’ and vendor booths located in St. Luke’s.


    • Good afternoon, Ms. Romano. Great question!!! We plan on having 4 hour-long writing workshops. “Memoir Workshop” with Jedwin Smith ; “No Consipracy: How to Get Published” with Bill Walsh ; “Writing for the Screen” with Michael Buchanan ; and “What Readers Can Learn From Writers” with George Weinstein. We hope to have our Program Schedule posted soon on the “Schedule” page of our website. Hope you and other writers will attend!


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