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11011477_892405540822505_4862541081570689473_nWelcome to the Regional Writer Section.  If you are an author and interested in participating as a Regional Writer in the 2018 Dahlonega Literary Festival to be held March 24-25, 2018, then please contact us.  Our goal is to select all 2018 Regional Writers by November 30, 2017.

The genres of books that are considered for selection in the Regional Writers section include: Fiction (mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, regional fiction, etc), non-fiction (history, biographies, and memoirs), poetry, travel, the arts, cookbooks, juvenile fiction/non-fiction, and young adult fiction/non-fiction.


Authors who are interested in applying for the 2018 should contact Mr. Ken Smoke at for more information.




Here is a sneak peak of the 2018 Regional Writers:

 DanielTAdams2017--BioPicture1--noTextDaniel T. Adams is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and an award-winning musician and videographer whose mission can be found within his slogan: “Presenting Facts Through Fiction”. His debut novel, “Beyond The Gate” is the first in a style of fiction that he calls “Inspirational Thrillers” displaying his enjoyment of a good story alongside his passion for exploring the redemptive powers of love as it shines in the darkness; the triumph of good over evil.

Daniel creatively taps into his knack and love of storytelling to deliver high-energy, humorous, and inspiring speeches which can motivate people of all ages. His talks aim at teaching his audience that each person’s life is a story to be told, and that it is up to each individual to make their life a story worth-reading – a narrative that can inspire and initiate positive change in the world.

For more information regarding “Beyond The Gate”, to join his mailing list, or stay up-to-date with new books underway, please visit Daniel’s official author website at

*  * *


Bernette is an author, spoken word artist, and recording artist. She is an Amazon best-selling author with seven published books to her credit and more to come. Bernette shares a message of hope, peace, tolerance, personal power and love as one of the greatest tools to heal the world. She does this through exciting portrayals of heroes and antagonist as well as the truth she speaks in her poetry and inspirational books. She has performed as a spoken word artist and vocalist at venues in the metro Atlanta area and recently released her debut single, Walk in Peace. She is also an integrative creative coach living in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and children. Websites: and

* * *

Christine Bowen

Christine Bowen is an award-winning author, seasoned motivational speaker, master photographer, faith-based lyricist and published poet whose mission is to inspire the brokenhearted to hope. She is the author of six thought-provoking books and two endearing children’s books creatively encouraging her readers to discover and consider the depths of who they are. Christine’s “My Lamb” children book series has My Lamb discover that his heart will always lead him beyond his imagination. My Lamb experiences his greatest lessons from his greatest challenges.

Christine imaginatively funnels all her talents and books in powerful, high energy, humorous, and motivating speeches, which teaches people of all ages to overcome their weaknesses with their strengths, providing an enlightened journey into the potential of their psychological, social, and spiritual lives.

Christine speaks at conferences, organizations, public libraries, public schools, churches, youth groups, festivals, and specialized meetings providing workshops for all ages with her books and workbooks. Check out and share in her tapestry of stories because you are all beautiful souls.

* * *

Ed Payne CNN Profile Pix

Ed Payne is an Emmy award- and Peabody award-winning journalist, who also writes rhyming children’s picture books on the side. Talk about polar opposites! Ed now has four books in his series.

The Daily Rounds of a Hound is the tale of Molly Malone, an adorable mutt adopted from an animal shelter by a new family. Once home, the family learns that Molly is carrying stowaways, a litter of nine pups. Molly has no pedigree, but takes her job as family pet seriously. She patrols the house, protects the kids and goes on secret missions (or does she?).

It has been reviewed in The Marietta Daily Journal and by the Midwest Book Review.

Molly and the Bully – The Daily Rounds of a Hound 2:   Molly and her nine pups have a problem. They live in a neighborhood where it’s dog-eat-dog and the other hounds don’t always play fair. Exploring their new world, the pups aren’t ready for what they encounter — bullying. They have a choice. Will the pups give in or will they use the power of love to prevail?

Molly and the Doggy Dentist — The Daily Rounds of a Hound 3: Molly needs a makeover. At least she thinks she does. Her unsightly teeth go this way and that. Molly’s underbite isn’t very becoming for a young mom of nine frisky pups. She dreams of a sparkly Hollywood smile, of being a hound about town. Are braces the answer. Or does beauty come from within?

The Daily Rounds of a Hound Colors the Town: A coloring book featuring more than 100 pages of fun from the first two books in The Daily Rounds of a Hound series.

Ed is a Nebraska native, but has lived in Marietta, Georgia, since 1990.

* * *

Gasparilla Expo 2014 Storm Trooper and me

Kathy Williams was born in Ft Bragg, NC in 1949. Her parents met and married at the end of WWII in Austria. Her father was an Army Captain, her mother an Army nurse. She enjoyed the childhood of the traveling “Army Brat” that enriched her life and widened her horizons.

Her early careers included an unsuccessful stint as a jockey followed by a little more productive, race horse training business. She then spent nearly 22 years in the convenience store business, starting out as a third shift clerk working her way up to a District Manager position at Flash Foods, responsible for running one third of the company. During this time, as a single mother, she helped to send her three children to college. Inspired by her children and parents she completed her own BA degree in International Studies with a minor in Spanish at Georgia Southern University after fourteen years of night classes. During her last year at Georgia Southern she wrote her first book, Dear Dad.

Writing had always been a part of her life that she wanted to pursue. During high school she had been the editor of her high school paper. Upon her retirement from Flash Foods in 2014 she relocated to Blue Ridge, GA to be close to her children and grandchildren. Here she has engaged in many volunteer opportunities that included becoming the newsletter editor for the Benton MacKaye Trail Association. She also participates as a volunteer at the Blue Ridge Community Theater and is a Friend of the Fannin County Library as well as a member of the Blue Ridge Poets and Writers Group.

Some of her favorite things include running, triathlons, hiking, anything Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, Stephen Colbert, animals, Jeopardy, Game of Thrones, history, travel, reading and the Atlanta Falcons.

* * *


6 thoughts on “Regional Writers

  1. Dear Rona, I too am a “military brat,” and I look forward to meeting you, perusing your book, and the books of so many others at the Dahlonega Book Festival in just a few days!

    Ellen Hunter Ulken

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Let me update my comments after participating in the Regional Writer event for the last two years — it is a wonderful warm and welcoming environment, chock full of interested readers and camaraderie of other local and regional authors. Not to be missed!


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