Here are some of the books by our 2018 Regional Writers that will be available for our Festival attendees to purchase!  They will be for sale in the Regional Writer Area located in the Fellowship Hall on the lower level of The Dahlonega Baptist Church (234 Hawkins St., Dahlonega, Ga) from 9:00am-4:30pm on Saturday, March 24, 2018 only.  So please take the opportunity to stop by and visit our 2018 Regional Writers to visit and buy their books.  They would love to meet you!

Here are some book covers and plot summaries:



Daniel AdamsIn the aftermath of a debilitating accident, horror novelist Clyde Baker rents a house in his hometown of Bridgeton, New York in a rage-filled attempt to isolate himself from any and everyone from his past – his Shadow Life. With only the companionship of his dog, Spock to help maintain his sanity, Clyde is startled by an awkward, elderly man who wanders the unused acreage of the old estate in the foggy hours of the early morning. The mystery that shrouds the Walking Man leads Clyde stumbling into the history of the Sugar Hill Farms Estate, stirring up a series of evil that has long been forgotten. But when the fears of his past – the iconic foundations of his two successful novels – manifest into his world of solitude, Clyde is faced with the choice of overcoming his past or being overtaken by it.

* * *


Christine Bowen: Christine’s “My Lamb” children book series has My Lamb discover that his heart will always lead him beyond his imagination. My Lamb is on a courageous journey through the meadows of life to find what is unique and special about him. Along the way, he makes many new friends, each with a gift of their own. They lead My Lamb to a discovery that what he is looking for, he has always had. Join My Lamb and find your song. It will change your life.

* * *


T. M. Brown:  Newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife, Liddy, decide to leave the shadows of Atlanta behind and return to their South Georgia roots in time-lost Shiloh. While making new friends, Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him smack dab in the middle of scandal and dark secrets. As Theo digs deeper into the mysterious fire that stole the town’s landmark courthouse and a town hero, he and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both them and the idyllic life they and many    others look for in Shiloh.

* * *


A. R. Cook:  She is the author of The Scholar and the Sphinx young adult fantasy book series. The Scholar and the Sphinx and the Threads of Fate is Book 3 of the series. 1854, France. David Sandoval wakes up on the outskirts of Le Havre, with no memory of what he has been through and who he has left behind– not of Fenrir the world-devouring wolf, not Baba Yaga the witch, Tanuki the shape-shifter, not even Acacia the Sphinx, who has held a place in his heart for years. It is not only his memory that is gone, for his existence has been erased by Lord Nyx, the incarnation of the Night, and no one in the human world can see or hear him. Yet something still ties David to the magical world, keeping alive a glimmer of hope that he can be restored. With the help of the storyteller Anansi and Baba’s cat Vasilisa, David traverses the places and people of his past, gradually regaining his memory and his existence. But old enemies start to pick up on his trail, including Madness itself and Nico the Teumessian, who blames David for his “undead” state of being. To complete his restoration, David must face the Moirai, the weavers of the magical Curtain that not only separates the worlds of humans and of mythical creatures, but also holds everyone’s destinies. Can David have a new fate woven for him, and will the price be higher than he is willing to pay? Meanwhile, Acacia finds herself in league with the Asgardian warrior Tyr and the vengeful Fenrir to defeat Lord Nyx once and for all, and an old friend of hers, Alasdair Gullin, is coming with a league of Master Huntsmen to side with her in the final battle. What Gullin will have to sacrifice to do so, however, may spell his doom, and may not be enough to take down the night god and save all worlds from falling under Lord Nyx’s shadow.

* * *


Larry Copeland:  His first novel, The Moaning Bench, was selected by the AJC Decatur Book Festival and the Atlanta Writers Club for the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense panel at the 2017 book festival. The year is 1980 and Atlanta is in the grips of a cunning serial killer. Some elusive ghost is snatching black children off the streets and murdering them. Tension ratchets up another notch when the popular minister and civil rights leader, Reverend Jimmy Lee Hightower, is killed. His son, Rufus, who had publicly threatened Hightower, is found at the scene. But the murder weapon is missing and Rufus isn’t talking. Detective Cleveland Mock, recently booted from the Missing and Murdered Children’s task force investigating the child killings, is spiraling downward: Talking to his dead wife, isolated from his fellow cops, eager to get back on the task force. Instead, he gets the Hightower murder. Mock immediately faces intense political pressure to make a quick arrest and restore calm in the troubled city.  Some believe Hightower was killed by the Ku Klux Klan because of his civil rights work. But Mock thinks Rufus is covering for someone in the minister’s most intimate inner circle. His search for answers takes him to Hightower’s small hometown in rural Georgia. There, he joins forces with Sheriff Ed Meaney, who has his own agenda, and Mama Kalie, an ageless, mysterious psychic who had predicted Hightower’s murder decades earlier. They try to figure out who among those closest to Reverend Hightower wanted him dead. As Mock races against the clock to find a murderer, he uncovers a viper’s nest of long-buried secrets that someone will kill and kill again to keep buried. The flawed detective will find himself challenged like never before en route to a face-to-face rendezvous with a killer unlike any he has ever known.

* * *


J. S. Davey: Brother vs brother. Good vs evil. Humility vs pride. At 156 pages in length, this beautifully illustrated, rhyming parable of meekness is a must-read for children and adults alike.




* * *


Andy Davidson: A finalist for the 2017 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. Deftly written and utterly addictive, this Western literary horror debut will find a home with fans of authors like Joe Hill, Cormac McCarthy, and Anne Rice. One night in 1980, a man becomes a monster. Haunted by his past, Travis Stillwell spends his nights searching out women in West Texas honky-tonks. What he does with them doesn’t make him proud, just quiets the demons for a little while. But after Travis crosses paths one night with a mysterious pale-skinned girl, he wakes weak and bloodied in his cabover camper the next morning—with no sign of a girl, no memory of the night before. Annabelle Gaskin spies the camper parked behind her motel and offers the cowboy a few odd jobs to pay his board. Travis takes her up on the offer, if only to buy time, to lay low and heal. By day, he mends the old motel, insinuating himself into the lives of Annabelle and her ten-year-old son. By night, in the cave of his camper, he fights an unspeakable hunger. Before long, Annabelle and her boy come to realize that this strange cowboy is not what he seems. Half a state away, a grizzled Texas Ranger is hunting Travis for his past misdeeds, but what he finds will lead him to a revelation far more monstrous. A man of the law, he’ll have to decide how far into the darkness he’ll go for the sake of justice. When these lives converge on a dusty autumn night, an old evil will find new life—and new blood.

* * *


Judy Fogarty:  For Patricia Curren, the summer of 1978 begins with a devastating discovery: an unfamiliar black pearl button in the bed she shares with her controlling husband, Jack. Seeking the courage to end her desolate marriage, Patricia spends a quiet summer alone on beautiful Kiawah Island. But when she meets Terry Sloan, a collegiate tennis player trying to go pro, their physical attraction sparks a slow burn toward obsession. Once Patricia and Terry share closely guarded secrets from their pasts, they want more than a summer together. But their love soon fractures, as a potential sponsor takes an unusually keen interest in Terry—both on court and off. And when single, career-driven Lynn Hewitt arrives, other secrets must surface, including the one Patricia has kept from Terry all summer. An intimate portrait of the folly of the human heart, Breaking and Holding explores buried truths that are startlingly unveiled. What’s left in their wake has the power not only to shatter lives…but to redeem them.

* * *


J. G. Jakes: An evil man. A horrible murder. A miscarriage of backwoods injustice. And a young woman’s vow of revenge. A character-driven inspirational/historic fiction, The River’s Edge never lacks for action and suspense. With unexpected twists and turns, this gripping novel tells of courage, fateful encounters and men working in the shadows—crafting despair and feeding off the acrid steam of fear. Katie McAllister, a pious young woman, finds herself at redemption’s crossroads, where a deep-seated hatred forces her to bring retribution with no peace. Her faith is tried as she fights against bitterness and unforgiveness. In her struggle, readers see echoes of themselves. Letting go of the desire for earthly justice does not come easily….
Does she allow the love of a young man to help break the shackles of bitterness and the clutches of hatred? Within these pages lies a story of love and hatred, regret and forgiveness, faith and consequences—an altogether human story.

* * *


Annette Laing:  Annette Laing, a real historian, recently completed The Snipesville Chronicles, her series of four novels that weaves the entertaining and complex tale of three reluctant time-travelers from a boring town in Georgia who find themselves in a small town in England in apparently random years in the past. “Clever and Charming Time-Travel Adventure” — Kirkus Reviews.  In Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When, the first book in The Snipesville Chronicles series, Hannah Dias, California Girl with Attitude, and Alex, her laid-back brother, move from exciting San Francisco to boring Snipesville, Georgia, and things don’t improve when they meet Brandon, a dorky kid who is plotting his escape from the Deep South, and the weird Professor, a woman with a strange secret. Suddenly, Hannah, Alex, and Brandon are catapulted thousands of miles and almost seventy years to England during World War Two. They fall into a world of stinging nettles, dragon ladies, bomb blasts, ugly underwear, stinky sandwiches, and painful punishments. But they can’t go home unless they find George Braithwaite, whoever he is, and whatever it is that he has to do with Snipesville.

* * *


Jeremy Logan & Brenda Sevcik:  Seventeen-year-olds Sarah Thompson and Blair Rogers were in love. They were smart, attractive, popular, and about to enter their senior year in high school. Their parents were affluent and lived in a newly-developed country club community of Thomas Glen. So why were they found lying dead, one piled on top of the other, next to the dumpsters behind the grocery store? What could they have done to deserve this? Lieutenant Reed Pasco and Detective Denise Smith are experienced homicide investigators in Dallas County, Texas. However, they’ve never seen a crime scene quite as mysterious as this. There is no evidence of drugs, no sign of a robbery, and no indication of a struggle. Their vehicles were parked only yards away and wiped clean of fingerprints. Suspects are scarce or nonexistent. But with their deaths, these two teenagers spark a chain reaction, infecting everyone they touched with a plague of misfortune, revealing secrets, perversion, and violence beyond measure.

* * *


Peter McDade:  Aspiring rock musician Spider Webb announces to his parents that he will skip high school graduation and move to Athens, Georgia to launch his career in the birthplace of R.E.M. and the B-52s. Over the next 25 years, a chorus of narrators, including bandmates, roadies, girlfriends, record executives, and fans, illuminates the joys and travails of a rising rock and roll musician.


* * *


Grant McGarry:  A Night in the Pech Valley is Grant McGarry’s account of what it takes to become an Army Ranger and what life is like in the 75th Ranger Regiment.  More importantly it is about an operation in the most dangerous terrain for U.S. forces anywhere in the world. The Pech Valley is surrounded by Taliban-filled mountains on the Pakistan border in the Kunar Province, where the mountain peaks push ten thousand feet. On the night of August 18, 2010 a platoon of Army Rangers were on a direct action raid to capture/kill the 3rd most wanted high value target in Afghanistan and this is the story of the Rangers who ferociously fought through the night and into the next morning. A Night in the Pech Valley is dedicated to Army Ranger, SPC. Christopher Shane Wright, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Pech Valley on the morning of August 19th, 2010.

 * * *


G. A. Sealy: Mr. Sun and Ms. Moon are having a fight, over which is better the day or the night. Will they ever stop fighting, and become friends again? In this story, children will learn why the Sun and the Moon are important to life on Earth. Additionally, kids will also learn the importance of conflict resolution, and trying to understand the viewpoints of others. Look out for this and other titles in the Young Scientist Series of books.


* * *


Kimberly Simms:  LINDY LEE: SONGS ON MILL HILL brings to life the social fault lines of textile mills in the rural Piedmont — themes of child labor, the changing roles of women, of a fading away of life where isolation is juxtaposed against a strong sense of community. Part history, part poetry — this full-length collection is peppered with the poignant, rarely seen photography of Lewis Hine (1874 – 1940).  With Lindy Lee, KIMBERLY J. SIMMS finds the vast and profound in the smallest of domestic spaces. In the words of William Wright (2016 Georgia Author of the Year), she celebrates and records in vivid imagery “the joys and hardships of a charged, mythic, and sweat-soaked place.”

With an eye for keen and often surprising details . . . these poems of sorrow, joy, and redemption are the sort of literary experience that stick with you long after the final line has fallen into an echo.” — Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of UNLOCKED and LANDSCAPE & DREAM”


* * *


Mark Warren:  After his youth on an Iowa farm, Wyatt Earp is ready to seek his fortunes by his wits rather than the sweat of his back. In California he meets a Mexican girl, whose philosophy will haunt him for years to come. It is the prophecy of the “adobe moon,” which reminds a man: If you do not achieve your dreams, you must settle for what you have. After taking menial jobs, Wyatt settles down as a constable in Missouri. When his wife and child die, he sinks into depression where the lines of ethics blur. Wanted by the law he bides his time for a second chance, until in a Kansas cattle town he encounters his destiny as a lawman to be remembered.

* * *


Lawrence Weill:  As a child, Allen was like most other American boys, playing baseball and fantasizing about the major leagues. The one crucial ingredient missing: talent. The discovery of the opposite sex explodes the ballgame and he quickly foresakes his homerun heavy hitter hopes and focuses all his energy to become the focus of the pretty girls and the popular kids. Despite his efforts to stick out, he remains invisible. Failing in his attempts to garner the attention of the most popular girl in school, or, for that matter, of pretty much anyone in his school, Allen decides the best method for becoming visible is to become a college student, certain that his erudition, average though it may be, and his choice of adopting a Bohemian lifestyle will allow him to stand out from the hordes of other above average, carefully non-conformist young people attending college. Unfortunately, Allen Johnson remains anonymous. When Allen is in his mid-twenties, he discovers one day that he has become the very antithesis of what he hoped to be. He works in a non-descript cubicle, lives in a tiny house in a subdivision of identical tiny houses near a small, invisible city in the Midwest, and has a wife and child whom he struggles to find time to see. In a final attempt to break out, Allen decides he must disrupt the pattern and return to college to distinguish himself as a master’s student and a teaching assistant, determined to use the bright light of the academic life to shine forth. This is the point at which Allen Johnson must ultimately devolve in order to emerge as the man who has it all: happiness.

* * *


Kathy WilliamsDear Dad chronicles the journey of General Judson F. Miller’s experiences in WWII as a 2nd Lieutenant commanding a tank platoon of 20 men and five tanks. Landing in France in mid-July 1944, he fought across Europe, surviving the Hurtgen Forest as well as the Battle of the Bulge. After the war ended, he remained on occupation duty. We are drawn into his personal accounting of the war through his letters home. More than 60 letters, never before published, take us into the realities of the coming of age that molded him as a man and his 34-year Army career which would include wars in Korea and Vietnam. In a unique and touching perspective, his letters are intertwined with correspondence written by his oldest daughter to him after his death. She shares the grief of losing her father as well as the regret of not being able to finish reading his war letters with him while he still lived. She captivates the reader with compelling family stories and childhood confessions of humor, tragedy, and love that resonate with us all.