Regional Writers Poster copy

(Please go to our “RW Books” page to see a readable copy of the above Regional Writer book covers and plot summaries)

Dear 2018 DLF Attendee-

Here is our Regional Writer lineup! These writers will be available for book signing/selling and conversation on Saturday ONLY, March 24th from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  They will be located in the Fellowship Hall of the Dahlonega Baptist Church (234 Hawkins Street)! They will NOT be available on Sunday, March 25th, so if you want to check out their books (and you totally should!) don’t miss the opportunity to meet with them and buy their books on Saturday, March 24th!

Every year the Dahlonega Literary Festival strives to provide our Festival attendees with the best quality books and diverse genres as we can. Our Regional Writers are not selected by a first come, first selected method.  Instead, they must go through a Review/Selection vetting process whereby they must apply to become a Regional Writer by submitting copies of their books that are then reviewed and selected (or not) by the Regional Writers Section Review Panel.

It’s worth the time to come visit the Regional Writers Event!!!  If you don’t, you’ll be missing the opportunity to purchase really good books!  These authors are quality writers and their books are well written.  So, I encourage you to visit our 2018 Regional Writers to examine and buy their books.  While your at it, meet and visit with them, they would love to meet you!

Best regards!

Ken Smoke, Chair, Regional Writer Section



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