We have a new featured author that will be joining us at the festival! Meet Richard Jay Hutto! One of the foremost historians of the Gilded Age, he compiled and edited “Accepted Fables,” the autobiography of Jordan Massee, and wrote “Entitled: American Women,” “Titled Husbands,” and “The Pursuit of Excess.” Richard has also written “Crowning Glory: American Wives of Princes and Dukes,” and “Their Gilded Cage: The Jekyll Island Club Members.” His most recent book, “A Peculiar Tribe of People: Murder and Madness in the Heart of Georgia,” was adapted on television by “Investigation Discovery.” Richard was featured as an on-air commentator. 

He has served as White House Appointments Secretary to the Carter family, he is a frequent international lecturer, and he served for ten years as an elected member of the City Council of Macon, Georgia. Come meet Richard at the festival in March!


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