Schedule Revision

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Here is the updated schedule of events for the 2017 Dahlonega Literary Festival.
Please note that all the events will take place at the Dahlonega Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 234 Hawkins St., the Community House, 111 N. Park St., and the Woodmen of the World Meeting Room above Cranberry Corners, 44 N Park St. There is ample parking at DBC, so consider parking there even if you’re going to a different venue.
Regional Writers will be set up downstairs in the DBC Fellowship Hall all day Saturday, and panels and presentations will be in adjacent classrooms.
FoxTale Book Shoppe, from Woodstock, GA, will have copies of the featured authors’ books for sale and book signings and panels are scheduled throughout the festival at the CH.
The Headline Presentations by Cassandra King and Rita Mae Brown will be in the WOW Meeting Room on Saturday, and panel discussions will take place there on Sunday. The meeting room is up the stairs behind Cranberry Corners, across the street from Hancock Park.
We hope you enjoy the whole weekend!
                                                         — SCHEDULE —



9:00-10:00 – Panel:  “From the Mountains to the Oceans: the Place of Place In Writing”
Ann Hite, Erika Marks, and June Hall McCash
Moderator:  Rona Simmons                                                           DBC Rm. 28

Panel:  “The Importance of Genre in Fiction.”
J.D. Jordan, William Rawlings, Linda Sands, Susan Sands, and Kim Wright
Moderator:  George Weinstein                                                      DBC  Rm. 30

Individual Presentation:  CASCADIA: a Novel About a Tragedy That Will Happen”
Buzz Bernard                                                                                      Community House  


10:15-11:15 – Panel: “The Butler Did It: Mysteries, Suspense & Thrillers,”
Buzz Bernard, Maggie Mitchell, Linda Sands, and George Weinstein
Moderator:  William Rawlings                                                     DBC Rm. 30

Individual Presentation:    “Writing & Linguistics”
Jacob Appel                                                                                        Community House                

Individual Presentation:  “Illustrating Harry Potter”
by Mark Braught                                                                               BC Rm. 28

11:30-12:15 – Headliner Cassandra King:  “The Life and Works of Pat Conroy”                                                                                                                                Woodmen of the World Bldg.


2:00-2:45 – Headliner Rita Mae Brown: “Language Exerts Power (Like the Moon on the Tides)”                                                                                     Woodmen of the World Bldg.

3:15-4:15 – Panel:  “Writing About Race Relations: Where Do We Go From Here?”               Valerie Boyd and William Rawlings
Moderator:  Jackie Cooper                                                              DBC Rm. 28  

Panel:  “Y’all Read This? Does Southern Sell?”
Bryce Gibson, Maggie Mitchell, Susan Sands, and Kim Wright
Moderator:  Ann Hite                                                                         DBC Rm. 30

Workshop: “Marketing for Writers:  Using Social Media”
Nick Kastner                                                                                          Woodmen of the World


4:30-5:30 – Panel: “Hail to the Heroines: Characters in  Women’s Fiction”
Erika Marks, June Hall McCash and Susan Sands
Moderator:  Ann Hite                                                                            DBC Rm. 28

Panel: “Funny Business: Using Humor in Writing
Jacob Appel, Rita Mae Brown,   and Jackie Cooper                                                                       Moderator:  Jameson Gregg                                                                 DBC Rm. 30

Special Presentation:  “The Reading Gender Gap:  How Men & Women Read Differently”
Book Widows                                                                                            Community House


5:30 – Reception and Awards: for Student Writing Contest winners                                                                                                                                                           Community House


11 to Noon – Panel: “Characters We Care About:  Real & Fictitious”
Cassandra King, Linda Sands and Kim Wright
Moderator:  William Rawlings                                                              WOW Bldg

 Individual Presentation:  “The Art of Illustrating Books”
Mark Braught                                                                                             Community House

12:15 to 1:15 – Panel:  “Skeletons in the Closet: The Role of Family Secrets & Truths in       Writing”
Jackie Cooper, Erika Marks and Rona Simmons
Moderator:  Candice Dyer                                                                       WOW Bldg

Workshop: “So You Wanna Be a Writer”
by George Weinstein                                                                                 Community House

1:30-2:30 – Panel: “The Role of the Reader: How to Engage”
Buzz Bernard, Rita Mae Brown, Ann Hite, Erica Mason, June Hall McCash, and Maggie Mitchell
Moderator:  Dr. Kristin Kelly                                                                   WOW Bldg                             

Panel: “The Author’s Business Mindset: What Every Author Needs to Know”                      Valerie Boyd,  Mark Braught,  Jeremy Logan, and Susan Sands
Moderator:  George Weinstein                                                               Community House

2:45-3:30 –  Headliner Ambassador Jonathan Addleton: “The Dust of Kandahar:  A           Diplomat Among Warriors in Afghanistan”                                 Community House                     

Closing and Farewells

BOOK SIGNING SCHEDULE – All at the Community House


10:15 – 10:45 am  Jackie Cooper, Ann Hite,  Erika Marks, June Hall McCash, Kim Wright, Susan Sands,

3:00 -3:30 pm  Jacob Appel, Mark Braught, Rita Mae Brown, Cassandra King, Linda Sands, George Weinstein

4:30-5:00 pm  Buzz Bernard, Valerie Boyd, Maggie Mitchell, William Rawlings

5:30 pm  Book Widows (Valerie Joan Connors, Susan Jimison, Constance McKee, Rona Simmons) – immediately following their presentation


3:30 pm  Jonathan Addleton immediately following his presentation


The Dahlonega Literary Festival is supported by donations and grants from Georgia Humanities, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and the Georgia Council for the Arts, through funding from the Georgia General Assembly.

Have Lunch with Your Favorite Festival Author


The Festival’s Featured Authors will be having lunch at various restaurants on the Dahlonega Square on Saturday, March 25th from 12:30-1:45 pm. Up to nine individuals can join each author on a first-come basis by calling the restaurant for reservations starting March 20th.


Back Porch Oyster Bar ( (706) 864-8623) – Rita Mae Brown and Cassandra King


Bourbon Street Grille ((706) 864-0086) – William Rawlings


Corkscrew Café ((706) 867-8551) – Buzz Bernard and Mark Braught


Don Pollo ((706) 867-0233) – Susan Sands and June Hall McCash


Grapevines ((706) 864-0280) – Valerie Boyd and George Weinstein


Gustavo’s ((706) 864-2366) – Erika Marks and Jacob Appel


Pueblos ((706) 867-7155) – Maggie Mitchell and Linda Sands


Shenanigan’s ((706) 482-0114) – Jackie Cooper and Kim Wright


Spirit’s Tavern ((706) 482-0580) – Ann Hite


For more information and the schedule of appearances, please visit

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