Carole Marsh to Present

Carole Marsh Mysteries Logo

We are happy to announce that Carole Marsh will be attending the Dahlonega Literary Festival and participating in our children’s events. Carole is the author of the Carole Marsh Mysteries.

From her Blog:

“Carole Marsh is a highly-entrepreneurial writer, CEO of Gallopade International, creator of Carole Marsh Mysteries and hundreds of other series, and author of thousands of books, winner of numerous awards, and a Georgia Author of the Year. “These days, I’m most interested in writing for what I call “Twixt, Tween, and YA,” which to me, like “gifted kids” are ALL kids! I love to write for them and hear from them. I am also writing adult fiction and non-fiction, short stories, and poetry. For more than 30 years, Marsh has written almost 100 educational and fun adventure mysteries for boys and girls 7-14. “My readers are growing up and I am growing up with them—though we all intend to be fun-loving, energetic, creative, out-of-the box ‘fourth-graders’ forever!”

For more information on Carole Marsh and her books, visit:


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